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Ford holding Transit Driving events for possible buyers

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I just found on "Ford commercial vehicles" (
that Ford is holding events around the country where YOU can be the "wheel man" behind a Transit.
July 9th at ford complex in dearborn (paging DR. Longboard!) you have to register,looks COOL!
I am going to get me some ecoboost cargo
Check it out!

From the field,
over and out
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We are expecting some feedback on your drives. Take notes please.
If the weather is nice, I think I will take the Sprinter to get the back to back comparison feeling better.

Two things I can't complain about of the Sprinter are the driving/seating comfort, and the fact that for such a large vehicle, (the 24' long & tall model), it sure drives nice & easy. Straight as an arrow.

There's several things I can complain about, one of which is the shifting algorithm Mercedes has programmed with the transmission/motor combo on the V6 model. That's my biggest annoyance in the driving experience.
I won't go into anymore as my post would be excessively long.....
We have the same experience. Drives fine but incorrect transmission shifting
programming. Have to manually shift the automatic is unacceptable. Expect Ford will remove this irritation.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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