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Ford Floor mats

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Do not purchase the factory floor mats for the full size transit
till they make some adjustments. One the driver mat ends at the heel of your accelerator foot. They are undersized and came with the holes to secure them but no kit to do so. Personally wait for wether tech, husky or maxspider
I bought some Loyds and they seem better will test fit tomorrow. I returned the factory ones though.:(
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And that's why they're less expensive than weather tech. Running your heat to the floor only should soften them up. Then again, in Texas, they'll probably melt in the summer! LOL!

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Hmmm... No idea. Every WT I've had in any vehicle fit on top of the carpet.
Only thing I can imagine is if, when they measured it with the laser, they measured it in a model that didn't have carpet.
I would get it from Amazon, and if it doesn't fit send it back.

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