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Ford Dealers NOT REQUIRED to Perform Warranty Work on Vehicles They Sell?

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I took my Transit to the dealer I purchased it from to have the water problem inspected following the letter. Originally they refused to perform the first TSB because no code was being thrown and the check engine light was not on.
I had it done at a different dealer, but when I saw how they mis-handled the slider problem I wondered how well they performed the water fix as well.
My dealer was now on board since the letter came out, and recommended that I let them inspect, which they did.
They said filter was dry, I guess I trust them.
The service write up guy looked at my slider and verified that it needed to be fixed, he was shocked at the effort it took to open it.
He told me to take it two miles away to their body shop, that THEY would have the expertise to properly repair.
When I pulled up the guys there told me they can't do a thing, that their bay is not tall enough!
I questioned how they can sell vehicles that they can't service, and explained how MB dealers selling Sprinters have to have a bay to fit them.
Five Star Dodge dealers were also required to do the same.
He said that they also don't repair aluminum F-150's because they don't know how to, and that they do not service the Mustang GT that they sell.
How crazy is that?
Sure glad I didn't go with the Diesel!
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I sold a diesel 08 Sprinter and bought gas Transit for multiple reasons:

1. Get rid of the diesel to eliminate all the extra hardware and software to meet emission regulations.
2. Get rid of diesel so I can idle the engine on a cold morning to heat the van interior. Eliminates the need for a stand alone interior heater. I use a 12 volt heating pad to stay warm at night.
3. Was not comfortable driving because of the lack of service locations. I was always thinking about what I will do if it quits. (Which it did in the 56,000 miles I owned it.) That worry has been eliminated.
4. Very poor customer support from Mercedes. When my optional diesel heater that I ordered when I bought the "Dodge" brand Sprinter quit, the Sprinter service manager was told by Mercedes corporate that they did not build my van and if it has a diesel heater in it then a third party installed it.
5. Got tired of the $350 service every 10,000 miles.
6. Did not like having to manually shift the old 5 speed NAG1 "automatic" transmission. It does not down shift on its own.
7. Did not like the $2,000 repair cost to fix the diesel heater that included very expensive parts and no support from corporate on how to fix it. Local service manager was excellent.

So going to a current design Sprinter will not necessarily solve your problems. The only reason to buy a Sprinter IMO is to get excellent mpg out of a too small diesel and be able to tell folks you own a Mercedes.

The Transit IMO is a far better van. After owning both would not consider ever buying a Sprinter. Huge difference in driving due to acceleration and handling. Much lower scheduled maintenance costs. Much easier to convert due to straight walls with proper size holes for inserts. A quality automatic transmission that works and includes tow/haul mode and hill holder.

Transit is not perfect. Do not like the restricted to/from cargo area, water in air cleaner mistake, easily dented roof, no rear door handle, no cargo light switch, hard driver arm rest, too small tires, too small rear camera screen, poor radio, etc. They all have deficiencies but the Transits are minor compared to the Sprinter.

I will be a happy camper with my Transit when I get this conversion done. Biggest problem for me with the brand change is the lost work and time required to convert it.

Have zero doubts that I made the correct decision getting rid of the Sprinter.
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