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Ford Dealer Still Confused!

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Just talked to another Ford sales person who is "Still Confused" about the Transit full size Wagon & the Connect minivan!

This at a Big Time dealership in Albany, NY, that advertises very heavily, including a "HUGE" number of obnoxious TV ads.
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You are blessed if you "never talk to a salesman". Don't even know if this dealership has a fleet manager. Had asked to talk to the commercial accounts manager, but he wasn't in. It was a general question, so I thought what the heck, I'll ask "The local drunk".

I never talk to a salesman. The local drunk usually knows more than the salesman.

Do your homework and create a list of each option that you want. Send it to several fleet managers to get a quotes. I have a quote in hand before I go to a dealer. Without much effort you will know more about a Transit than anyone at the dealer.
With the considerable effort I've already made I usually know more about Transit than almost anyone at the dealer.

However I'll never fool myself by thinking I "know more about Transit than anyone" anywhere.
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Know the feeling. Had inquired about Transit full size vans while Ford was delaying their introduction. Got call from dealer that the new Transit had finally arrived. I grilled the salesperson about it, clearly trying to establish that it was not a Connect minivan. Then grilled them again so that there could not possibly be any mistake before committing to make the trip. Was assured that this was the new Transit & that a crowd surrounded it as they unloaded it. Got there & it was a Connect!

That was over a year ago. By now Ford sales people should know the difference, be keenly aware of the confusion & not still be making the same error.
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