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Ford Dealer Still Confused!

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Just talked to another Ford sales person who is "Still Confused" about the Transit full size Wagon & the Connect minivan!

This at a Big Time dealership in Albany, NY, that advertises very heavily, including a "HUGE" number of obnoxious TV ads.
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When I decided to buy a new transit back in may I sent a list of my requirements to every dealer in a 50 mile radius to see who could find it first and the best price. Someone from a very close dealership contacted me later that day she had almost exactly what I wanted so I made an appointment for that evening to test drive it. pull into the dealership looking around for the van, didn't see it thought it was probably inside being prepped, went into her office introductions yada yada yada.....she grabs keys and says its right out front I say no it isn't she insists so i follow her as she walks right to a transit connect. I walked past her got back in my car and left while she stood there waving at me. I learned a long time ago that dealers typically don't know much about what they are showing me but I've never showed up to test a car and had a completely different car presented to me. She emailed me the next day saying she would be happy to set up a test drive with an almost exact match.......she didn't even connect the dots that we had already met.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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