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Ford Customer Viewpoint - Response after the sale

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If you have already received your Transit, you should have received a email from Ford Customer Viewpoint. This is a survey that asks about your purchasing experience from your dealer. Your dealer may not be participating in this survey so I want you to try and participate so FORD will know about your experience.

Since the email uses a button to start the survey, I will try and give you ways to establish contact.

The email from FORD comes in as [email protected] . This may be a one way email that you cannot reply to. I suggest you start here and see if you get a returned email.

Later on in the email from FORD, it gives another email you can use if you have a problem in selecting the button. Not sure if this is a general email or one specific to the emailed customer. I will put it out here so you can use it as a backup to the one suggested above. Try to use the one above first. If you get a return email that it is not valid, you may try to use this one.
When you make contact, be sure to have your VIN number and Ford dealer that handled your sale. Use ALL the information you have concerning the DATE OF ORDER, correspondence with your dealer during your wait on the Transit, and finally WHEN YOU RECEIVED YOUR TRANSIT. If your ordered the MyFord Touch radio and were shown information concerning the 'CD' , let it be known that you did not get the 'CD' with the MFT even though some early window stickers show it to be part of the option.

Here is the other response/reply email address:
(DELETED THIS SECOND EMAIL AS IT RELATES TO THE SPECIFIC CUSTOMER & DEALER) Did not want the dealer to get a lot of negative response when he did not deal with you on your Transit. It also relates to the SPECIFIC CUSTOMER and you only get ONE response!

If first email does not work, go to response below via mail.

If BOTH of these fail to give you email response, then you can send a written response to
Dave Mondragon
Ford Customer Viewpoint
P.O. Box 930
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0930

If you end up sending the written response, I would suggest sending by USPS tracking or if you expect a return written response or call, I would send Certified, Returned Receipt. If you ordered the MFT radio, I would send the written response and ASK for a reply to the situation and what FORD expects to do for the customer.

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The Question has been asked multiple times to date and yet ( NO ONE ) Appears to be reading any of the replies being sent to explain that goings on. The Recap of the car buying outing goes like this. About the middle of July 2019 Had been sent various ads and such showing dramatic SAVINGS and extra bonus Discounts thru different dealerships. One was in town here and the other was out of West Bend. After getting the run around from the local place I asked the out of town dealer what ( ACUTALLY ) was possible. Without even having the vehicle I was interested in ( THEY ) said they could make a deal happen . After waiting close to two weeks was told they Had it and I should come in . Noticed issues within seconds of seeing . They said it would be taken care of. Over the next ( Three ) months different attempts only made things worse. They had put on additional miles from the already 230 plus it had before I ever saw it making that total to over 500 and counting. After ( 3 ) appointments to have them FIX it ( Things were no better off then the first day I pointed them out. They had the vehicle for ( THREE ) weeks and was going to go in again for more. I even took it to a Different shop as per the conversation with the General Manger to see if it would help. They Did not want to get involved because even more problems were pointed out at that meeting as well. I contacted Ford Motor Co. Directly and got bounced around from customer service techs and finally ONE Finally opened a Case to investigate. Or So she said. Explained the various problems and believed it QUALIFIED for the Wisconsin Lemon Law ( Buy Back ) version of what all had been happening. Another week went by and after over 18 plus phone calls to different customer service techs did I actually get a response. One that Was Laced with ATTITUTED and Disrespect. Not There Problem and Did not want to get involved. See the dealer ( Again ) I contacted the General Manger and said ( One way or another this needed to end. All the stress , drama, waiting, and run a rounds was enough already . Picked out ( 2 ) vehicles they had in stock and said I would be up the next day to Finish this once and for all. Using the TRUE CAR website a number of other Ford dealers in the area showed there stock options, Exact pricing, The Discounts, and also rebates and customer cash Totals making the discounts be about $ 6,000.oo from start to finish. When I arrived on the lot in West Bend the Exact ( 2 ) Vehicles I contacted the General manager about were gone, Missing, lost, Vanished, etc. They Immediately Wanted me to Upgrade to a Higher priced model . I questioned what happened to the ones I had just contacted them about ? Must have been a dealer trade or something ( THEY ) really had no good explanation. While the Salesmen was talking to the General Manager on the phone he located one from the other store in that Group ( Like ) I had told them about and was shut down saying that was not an option ) Meaning it was From the ones I had told him about the day before. Bait and Switch Plain and Simple ( Piss Poor ) Sales Tactic. They wanted me to Pay more . Little did I know they also were not going to give me even close to what a Three Month Old Vehicle was worth with just about 2,000 miles total and been thru the shop for three weeks to date it was In a Sense ( BRAND NEW ) What happened next was a Higher Price tag About $ 4000.oo less in rebates, cash back, and manufacturer incentives . Plus they were low balling the Exchange deal to the tune of over $ 3,500.oo less than what it was worth . That brings the total to $ 7,700.oo and counting higher that it would have been otherwise. Tack on the Longer finance term , the higher APR which was now double of the previous and and we were talking about a $ 30,000.oo plus dollar price tag for a vehicle priced at just under $ 22,000.oo . I ask you ( IS THAT FAIR ) ? Would you consider it Reasonable ? How does Ford or any dealership get away with such Actions and No One Seems to care One Bit that ( ME ) the customer is the one left holding the bill. I went in to see if a Car ad was possible in July , Got Dragged across the burning hot coals for three months and then Ripped to shreds by razor blades of lies, cheats, and piss poor sales tactics. No I am Not Happy, Satisfied, or in any way, shape, or form , ever going to do business with this dealership, or group ever again . They Screwed me once and then turned me over and did it dry the second time around for good measure. ( NOW HEAR THIS ) FORD Is not anything as they once may have been ( ITS ) all about profits and they care Not At All about the customers how get rolled over along the way .
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