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Ford Customer Viewpoint Questions about the survey

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This thread is for asking questions and comments on the Customer Viewpoint Survey. I copied the survey as I went along answering the questions about the specific dealer and FORD.

If you are not able to get a email response for the viewpoint, I can email you the survey questions and you can answer them via mail. Since the survey is directed for feedback about the dealer as well as FORD, I was not able to publish the email response information. If you answered it, it would be directed at that specific dealership and not only at FORD.

If you got this survey via email, respond on this thread and let us know how you felt about the survey.

Did it give you the chance to reply to the DEALER & FORD about your problems and concerns on the ordering, waiting, arrival, and service on your Transit?
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First part of the survey asks about your satisfaction with your Ford dealer, the dealership appearance, and how they treated you. Ratings go from 'Completely Satisfied' to 'Very Dissatisfied' on some answers and 'Excellent' to 'Poor' on others. Starts with your order processing, then your contacts with dealer on financing, insurance, and delivery time. Asks about your experience before and after delivery and your current feelings on the Transit.

Working to put the survey on the forum so if your dealer does not send it to you, you can still reply to Ford via filling out the survey and mailing it to the Ford VP of U.S. Sales.

If you have received the survey and/or answered it already, use this thread for your comments.
Anyone get this survey via email yet?
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