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I have a 2016 150 Wagon that used to have seating for seven. I have the medium roof height and the Ecoboost engine.

I took out the two rear passenger seats. Then I had the floor pulled up to see what was under it. I have pictures of this that I'm willing to share. The process was simple.

I wanted the rear passenger seats replaced with seats that swivel 360 degrees and lock facing front and also slide forward and back. I found parts to do that. The seating is now much better than Ford furnished.

I wanted the seats mounted with more legroom between the driver and passenger area. I had L-Track/Airline-Track installed to accomplish that. The result is that the seats that are installed can be moved in 1/2 increments any distance forward or back.

The seats are modified from commercial bus seats I found at a place that modifies buses for medical purposes. They were about $150-200 each.

I wanted to be able to install two sleeping cots behind the rear passenger seats. I was able to find and modify 75 inch cots for that purpose. These are quickly removable and fastened to the L-Track.

I now have a van that will seat four with a sleeping area for two.

If you want pictures or details of any of this post me privately or post questions here.

In addition, the L-Track allows me to secure anything else I feel I need in multiple ways and positions. I will eventually post pictures and procedures on YouTube.
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