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For What It's Worth

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Yesterday I reset Trip Odometer A, Garmin and ScanGauge all to 0 miles. I drove 100 miles according to the trip odometer. The results:

Trip Odometer A 100 miles.
Garmin 99.1 miles.
ScanGauge 98.4 miles.

What puzzles me is why the ScanGauge shows 1.6 miles less than the trip odometer. The ScanGauge plugs into the OBD-II port which I thought should get its data from the main CPU.
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I have the original ScanGauge that is about 12 years old. No GPS but the newer ScanGauge II might have a model with GPS. I still don't understand why the difference in mileage between the ScanGauge and the odometer being that the SG should be getting the same data as the odometer. My 2004 Chevy 3500 had about a 3% difference between the odometer and the SG. When I sold the Chevy a year ago the odometer showed 819,759 miles but in reality it had 844,352 miles. I didn't reveal the discrepancy to the buyer thinking he may have tried to shave some off my asking price.
Next time you're out on the open road, set your cruse control when the Garmin says you're going 70mph. Then go into the setup on the ScanGauge and enter a + or - factor to adjust it's mph reading. When the Garmin and ScanGauge mph's are close to the same, the ScanGauge trip odometer ought come close to matching the Garmin and the Transit's odometer reading (from the info displaywith the decimal digit) for a tank of gas. I think the main odometer reading ends up short over time due to truncation.
Thank you Shade Tree. I will give it a try.
My speedometer speed is consistent with the Garmin and the ScanGauge. I also checked it against the Speed Box app on my phone. 65 mph is 65 mph. It's the odometer that is in disagreement with the Garmin and the ScanGauge. No biggie. I just thought that the odometer and the ScanGauge would read the same.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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