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Set of 4 Continental VancoFourSeason Tires
235/65R16C 121/119R Van/Truck M+S
9/32" Tread (75%)
Great condition, no damage or repairs
For heavy loads on 16" wheel van truck suv trailer (OEM Ford Transit 馃槈)

Fort Collins CO / Front Range
$300 obo

Service Type C = Commercial (metric for LT light truck load range E)
Load index 121 = 3,197 lbs single / 119 = 2,998 lbs dual
Speed rating R = 106 mph
Traction M+S = Mud & Snow



Vanco Four Season 235/65 R16 121R all-season

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Transit tires are never for sale in the Deep South, In four years the closest sale tires to me were 700 miles away.

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Just an FYI, I sold a set to a guy that wanted them for a travel trailer that he converted to 16" wheels.
Later on that evening he emailed and said he would like another set (I mentioned that I might have more available and trying to find who the buyers are) as they fit perfectly on his wife's Jeep Cherokee.
Just some ideas for potential buyers of these tires.
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