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flooring, rustproofing, remote start

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My dealer in Minneapolis emailed me yesterday and said my 148 XLT Low roof family van was built on Jan 7th - we're now just waiting for delivery to the dealer. I've three concerns now:

1. I noticed on the dealer invoice that was just sent to me, that vinyl floor covering is NOT listed, even though it was on the order print-out that the dealer sent to me in October. This isn't a deal killer since I've waited so long for the van, but....what would my options be at this point? It doesn't seem to me like converting new carpet to a full vinyl flooring would be easy to do (but, what do I know...) Or, do I want to use up the carpet and figure out some kind of vinyl flooring conversion after a year or two?

2. I suspect the dealer will try hard to sell me on fabric coatings, paint coatings, rustproofing, pre-paid oil changes, extra warranties, etc. I usually don't fall for this stuff, but I did buy the 60k oil/service changes for my 2012 F150 - which I later regretted as it was overpriced. Is there anything that I should get? I've seen posts about rustproofing, but couldn't find anything that seemed more than just isolated opinions of local rustproofers elsewhere.

3. I forgot to order the remote start. The dealer says they've got "lots of aftermarket options" - which worries me because I know nothing. All I want is to be able to look out my kitchen window at the van in the cold Wisconsin winter mornings and push a button to pre-heat the van for 10 minutes. Anything to get / not get?

Thanks for any info.
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helpful info....

the after market remote starts are very bad........ because they opperate on the can bus line.... it interferes with the body control module on ford... and causes lots of unusual things to intermittantly happen....

i had to remove my viper system from my 2014 ford transit connect and on my new transit its being built with factory start

however ford factory does not install the remote start! its done at the dealership during pdi .

so you can purchase a factory start on ebay and install it yourself as it is plug n play!

but stay far away from aftermarket using can bus methods.

anyone want a top of the line viper x510 alarm remote start like new! i have it
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