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Floor Insulation - Cutting Poly-Iso

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I've been meticulously documenting my van conversion as a reference tool for others, for them to know what every little step of a conversion really means and whether they might be able to do it.
Currently I'm working on the sub-floor and have just published part three of the installation.
I've been laying poly-iso boards between the ribs of the floor of my Ford Transit.

You can read about all the details, see photos and view the video here.

Or part 2: Paper Plywood Templates
Or part 1: Tie Downs & Wheel Wells


Van Williams
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Hi and thanks! I'm having to buy a cargo van rather than a wagon (Transit) because of a certain option I need that I cannot obtain on the wagon.... I am wondering if the floor in the van is uneven as you are countering, or if it is now flat (on the 2017) and I had bee thinking about how to solve that problem if it is ribbed--so thanks again!
Not having seen the 2017 model yet, I doubt whether Ford will make any changes to the floor. My experiences with my 2016 T250 LWB MR are that the metal used in the walls, roof, floor and doors are relatively thin (probably because of weight restraints). The ribs in the floor (and roof) give more strength to the structure.
Because I have a medium high roof, I choose to fill up those 'rib cavities' with poly-iso and not compromise the standing height inside the van. Some fill it with plywood strips with insulation on top followed by the underlayment.

Have fun with your conversion and post some pictures if you can.

Van Williams
I rechecked the specs on ordering the 2017 and it appears there is no way to have the rear cargo area floor covered with the vinyl! hahaha this has to be an oversight/typo omission and I have notified my salesman of same... and readjusted my draft order list to include it. Glad this thread was here or I might not have caught that on the order spec sheet.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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