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Fleet Vehicle Speed Limiter

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My employer, a very large world-wide company, just updated our fleet of 2012 Econolines to the new 2016 Transit 250's. They just purchased hundreds if not a thousand or more of these trucks nation-wide.

Compared to the Econoline 250, I have to say it's a better ride, the Ecoboost engine is cool, and the conveniences of Bluetooth, backup camera, and Sync are sweet.

But they ordered them with the 75 MPH speed limiter. This is not the MyKey limiter, but factory programmed limiter for fleet vehicles. All of us can't stand it. Short of going to the dealer and slipping the guy a $20 to deactivate it, is there a way I can do this myself? Say with a OBDII device or something?
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Slap some 245/75 R16 tires on it. That will get you over 80.
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