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First real mod to my new transit.

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I am sure I am not the only one to have been a little anxious over this move. I do think it may well have been therapeutic! Once I drilled the first 1/8" location hole, the worry turned to work.


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NC Rick -So what did you cut with?

I'm struggling with that a little since it is so hard to access the roof without damage.
I'd prefer to cut from inside to minimize clean up on the roof...I've considered using an air nibbler but not sure I can make it work with the channel edge near the front to back cuts and the crossmembers near the left to right cuts. The nibbler would be great if it works because of the much larger chips- perhaps easier to clean up.

I've spent to last 3 days off and on cobbling together a winch system hung from a rafter of my 3 bay metal carport to lift a 100Lb A/C to the roof. Dometic did not make it easy to attach straps to lift even with the cover off....I may have to even weld up a steel rod lifting contraption to do it.
I've been kind of watching craigslist for some used scaffolding- I happen to have one of those long aluminum ramps that pulls out from a delivery truck- pondering getting some scaffolding and putting that ramp on top as a walkway for a semi-permanent Transit roof work and washing station:D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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