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Hello all, I just received my new 16 ecoboost Transit 250. I also have a 12 mustang so this isn't my first Ford or forum. The van is a company vehicle(Marathon Refrigeration) so it will have a thousand pounds in the back on a daily basis. So far I do love the ecoboost power coming from a Savana which was fairly underpowered with the 4.8 L v8. The Savana served me very well with over 515 000 kilometers without having to open the engine. I already have a couple issues with the new transit as the passenger door latch doesn't always release fully only allowing the door to open with a second pull of the handle. Also the passenger sliding door takes a lot of effort to open but is getting better with time. I look forward to learning about our vans and providing as much input as I can. Meanas.
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