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First mod, sort of.

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My van was supposed to come with the 220v power supply, but somehow it didn't. So i got the dealer to order me the parts needed so i can install it.
I had to obtain the part numbers i needed cause the parts guy had no idea what an inverter is and how to find it in microcat.
So yesterday i picked up the parts and i got to install them today. I was afraid that the plug with the main loom wouldn't be there so it was sort of a gamble but i got lucky and the plug was there in the drivers seat base.
The base to which the handbrake attaches too had to be different but i didn't know that, but i modified the transformer a bit by removing a part from it and it fit barely. Also the cover that covers the handbrake mechanism had to be modified a bit but after a few hours i managed to put everything in place and have it working.

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For a lot less time, effort, and money you can get a lot more wattage.
Dealer paid for the parts, so apart from 4 hours of my life to install it, it is essentially free.
For now i wouldn't want to splice any harnesses due to warranty. In the future maybe i'll add another better inverter.
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