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Financing a used transit, one big roadblock

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We have 5 kids and we would like 2 more, yes we are crazy. I've been watching prices since spring of 15. I started shopping in september. I attempted to purchase a t350 low roof, 15 passenger, xlt, 3.7 for $29,900 in september. I applied for 2.9% financing through a local bank and was approved for the loan. They later called back and explained that I was indeed approved for the loan but not for the transit. They explained to me that ford registers the vehicle as commercial and there was no way they could loan against it.

Fast forward to yesterday. Started looking again and found almost exactly what I want. t350, 12 pass, xlt, silver, 3.5, tow package, and limited slip axle( i have to have the LS axle its hilly and the plows don't always take care of us) $29.9k. I applied at a different local bank and was again denied. They could offer no alternatives. At this point I spoke to the dealer and he recommended apply for credit through one of their venders. I did that. I also was recommended another lender locally through a real estate contact. I'm currently working with her but so far I havent heard anything.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if this will effect resale value on the used market in the future?
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I had no problem financing a used T-350 12 passenger mid-roof XLT in California through my credit union. It's registered as non-commercial too.
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