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Finally got my Diesel 250 Transit MPG Numbers....

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my dealership was three months late on delivery so they flew one of their employees out to the factory in kansas and had it driven to my shop. its very nice with lots of power from the diesel engine. the van is the 250 medium roof standard wheel base. empty 1500 miles from kansas it registered 22.8 MPG on the dash. not too bad considering my old E-150 was getting about 12 MPG. very happy with the diesel so far. MPG should get better as the mileage goes up. also i ordered in january, and just got it today. my van was Pending update on delivery for over a month after it had been built. so id start talking to your dealers to see what is going on.

Good Luck.
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Not bad at all. What was your driving style like throughout that trip you took where you got 22.8?
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