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Finally Got It

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After 3½ months, the Transit finally arrived. Must be hand assembled!

I'm coming from an 2011 Express cargo and, overall, I am very pleased.

Some initial impressions after several weeks ...


The smooth EcoBoost engine and transmission play well together.
Steering and turning radius are good.
Excellent brakes.
Large mirrors with blind spot mirror offer safety.
Imax size windshield offers a commanding view.
Rear doors and sliding side door operate nicely.
Excellent tie down anchors in cargo area.
LED interior lighting is super bright.
Backup camera is very helpful.

No daytime running lights … really ?
Cheezy ratcheting arm rests.
The “T” where the rear doors meet impedes the view of vehicles behind you.
Operation of the fuel door is awkward.
Lane Departure … yawn.
Blind Spot Monitoring sensors would be welcome for safety.
One could bleed out if that stiletto key stabs you in the groin. It’s quite long.
I could use another 1” rearward travel from the power seat. (I’m 6’4”)
Power seat not heated … SMH.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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