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Fantastic Fan, noise and installation

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Hey y'all! I've been camper-converting a T-250, LWB extended high roof for a hot minute now and I'm getting close to done... got solar, wood floors, bed platform, insulation done... might document the build here sometime if people think it would be good information?

Anyway, one of my final tasks is to install a roof vent. I bought a Fantastic Vent and I have a couple of questions before I go sawing into my roof. One is that I hear some people complain about wind noise while driving... can anybody with experience discuss this issue with me? I'm pretty sensitive to driving noises and have worked tirelessly to hunt down squeaks and rattles. If after all of this my fan hollers 24/7 that is going to bum me out big time.

The second is, looks like they recommend flat mounting surfaces for this thing and the Transit roof is very conspicuously convex. Anybody have any issues with installation because of this? I had planned on doing the install with sheet metal screws and putty tape, maybe a wood frame on the underside for the screws to bite into.

Thanks in advance for any comments!
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I have one on my FWC camper and it can rattle and be very noisy on a windy night. I will look for alternatives when I get my Transit

edit: during really windy nights in Death Valley I have had to duct tape the vent closed to get any sleep. Mine is 4 years old, perhaps the design has evolved, or maybe I have a bad copy.
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