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The new radio is installed and working great. It took a little longer than expected and completed in about 8 hours from prep to clean up. I took my time and made sure everything was perfect, including running the hands-free microphone up by the driver map light/rearview mirror. The instructions were a bit confusing as in not all the wire colors from the harnesses to the radio wires matched up but other than that it was relatively straight forward if you've installed a radio before. The handsfree mic wire was a bit short so I had to splice in some extra length and I did have to rig up a way to hold the microphone in place. There isn't a lot of room behind or under the radio so I am kind of am dreading pulling the radio back out to add wires when/if I expand the system. I am still not sure why the system requires the 4.2" factory screen to be plugged in for the aftermarket to power on? This seems very strange to me. Also, I wasn't impressed with the metra dash kit clips and ended up using the factory clips. I pulled the metra dash kit lid off and dropped 3-4 clips down in the radio area, they wouldn't stay clipped to the plastic lid. Additionally, if you solder, remember to use rosin core solder. It hit me 15 minutes of struggling to solder the wires that I was not using rosin core solder, rookie move! The rosin core solder will adhere quickly and easily to any type of wire.

Hindsight, here is what I would order if I had to do it again:

  1. DO NOT BUY THIS - Heat Shrink Butt Connectors - Instead, solder every connection and shrink wrap them. The connectors weren't very reliable and the smaller gauge wires connecting to the larger gauge wires would pull out fairly easily. I lost quite a bit of time undoing the butt connectors and soldering/shrink wrapping it but it was worth every minute!
  2. DO NOT BUY THIS - Crimping Tool - It's nice to have but not necessary if you solder and shrink wrap.
  1. BUY THIS! USB 3.0 Flush Mount Ports - I wanted to add charger/direct connect ports for universal connection even though the radio offerers wireless Android and Apple CarPlay functionality
  2. BUY THIS! Metra 40 EU 10 Antenna Adapter - I needed this to convert the vans antenna to cable to the new radio.
  3. BUY THIS! Axxess AZ-FDSYNC-SWC Metra - I needed this to I can use the factory camera on the new radio's display.
  4. BUY THIS! Metra 99-5832G Audio - I needed this so the van dash could hold the new 2 din radio.
  5. BUY THIS! I love this radio, so many features and a massive amount of room for growth! Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX 2 Din - This was a splurge but wanted to be sure the most wireless connections possible and offer room to expand the system later.
  6. DO NOT BUY THIS. I Ended up not needing this since I didn't have steering wheel controls. Ill return for a refund. Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface - I purchased this just in case it's needed for the build. I'll send back if it's not needed. My Van does not have the steering wheel controls but this part may still be required.
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FINAL PRODUCT. *the plastic sits flush, I took this picture before I seated it evenly,
View attachment 135139

Let me know if you have any questions I'll be happy to offer any insight or advise as needed, Overall, I am super happy with how it turned out.
Did your back up camera maintain DYNAMIC parking guide lines (the ones that curve and show your trajectory) like on the OEM 4.2" screen, or did the new radio change them to static square guide lines? Thanks for your input!
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