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Factory "alarm" issue

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hi guys
New transit owner here. My issue is with my factory "alarm". When I lock my doors using the key fob, my alarm sounds every 30 mins for 30 sec to a minute. If I unlock the doors it stops but if I lock it again it happens in 30 mins like clockwork. Doors unlocked or manually locked and I don't have an issue. I've tested the vibration sensitivity by practically rocking the van and it does not go off. Any help would be appreciated. Sick of manually locking doors
Thank you
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Thanks for the quick responses. I'm gonna try the other FOB tonite and see how that works. Talked to the dealership and they seem to think it could be the sensitivity of the alarm and told me to adjust that. Even after I told them it only went off after 30 min intervals and not just randomly.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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