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Espar B4L Heater not starting at Elevation

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So I installed a Espar B4L in my 2020 transit, under the passenger seat and have a problem with the heater starting when I am at elevation.

I live in Boise ID, at around 3k feet elevation, when down here in the valley my heater starts 99% of the time without issues. When I travel to my local ski area around 6800K feet the heater NEVER starts first try and generally will take around 30+ minutes of trying to get the thing started. Once it does starts at elevation, it will run absolutely fine stopping and starting. When I got back down in elevation it also will always start fine, and then back up to elevation I again have the problem.

Ive completely taken apart the entire gas line from the pickup in the tank all the way to the heater, ensuring rise, fittings, etc are perfect... still have the same problem of getting it started at elevation.

Heatso has been sorta OK to work with, but I feel like they dont really know either. They will be sending me a new ECU (when they get them in a couple weeks).

Has anyone had this problem, is there a trick to getting it started I could use until i get the root cause sorted?

Appreciate any pointers!
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Possibly a dumb idea, but what about turning it on at home when you are ready to start the trip and just leave it on until you get home?

I realize that it is sort of a band aid approach.
FWIW, I tried that with my Webasto and it errors out and shuts down at freeway speeds. I'm assuming it doesn't like the turbulent air around the combustor inlet and/or exhaust.
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I never had it error out. Just give me 2 codes. 1 was to check my fuel cap, my transit doesn’t even have a fuel cap. And the 2nd code was the evaporative emission control system ran a test and my pressure was off. Once I plugged the hole and re did it to where the nut and washer go on right. I cleared the code and everything’s been good since.
I meant that my Webasto will error out if I attempt to drive the vehicle at anything over about 15MPH with the heater running. This may not be the case with an Espar
I haven't drove with my heater on yet, I don't see a need when I have my heater going up front.
I agree, I was responding to someone else who suggested it as an option.
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