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Espar B4L Heater not starting at Elevation

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So I installed a Espar B4L in my 2020 transit, under the passenger seat and have a problem with the heater starting when I am at elevation.

I live in Boise ID, at around 3k feet elevation, when down here in the valley my heater starts 99% of the time without issues. When I travel to my local ski area around 6800K feet the heater NEVER starts first try and generally will take around 30+ minutes of trying to get the thing started. Once it does starts at elevation, it will run absolutely fine stopping and starting. When I got back down in elevation it also will always start fine, and then back up to elevation I again have the problem.

Ive completely taken apart the entire gas line from the pickup in the tank all the way to the heater, ensuring rise, fittings, etc are perfect... still have the same problem of getting it started at elevation.

Heatso has been sorta OK to work with, but I feel like they dont really know either. They will be sending me a new ECU (when they get them in a couple weeks).

Has anyone had this problem, is there a trick to getting it started I could use until i get the root cause sorted?

Appreciate any pointers!
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These heaters - along with the webasto - are very finicky - not a trip goes by where we do t think … oh God are we going to have heat this time or not. The problem you are experiencing is most likely related to the OEM standpipe in your fuel tank being too big - what happens is that pathetic little pump cannot draw a head on the fuel and so it takes forever to get fuel to the heater. A smaller diameter standpipe fixed that problem - however it’s an intensely arduous job installing it as you pretty much have to remove and dismantle the entire fuel tank. The real problem is the lousy design of the pulse fuel pump - unfortunately this happens nearly all the time unless the standpipe is replaced.

It is not uncommon for our heater to take 4-5 tries to get fired - and yea, it’s worse at high altitude. Crap design if you ask me … hard to believe they charge as much as they do for something that is such a PITA to get fired.

Letters to both companies have been completely ignored and the dealers don’t really even know the products well enough to actually support them. Wish there was a better alternative .
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