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Espar B4L Heater not starting at Elevation

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So I installed a Espar B4L in my 2020 transit, under the passenger seat and have a problem with the heater starting when I am at elevation.

I live in Boise ID, at around 3k feet elevation, when down here in the valley my heater starts 99% of the time without issues. When I travel to my local ski area around 6800K feet the heater NEVER starts first try and generally will take around 30+ minutes of trying to get the thing started. Once it does starts at elevation, it will run absolutely fine stopping and starting. When I got back down in elevation it also will always start fine, and then back up to elevation I again have the problem.

Ive completely taken apart the entire gas line from the pickup in the tank all the way to the heater, ensuring rise, fittings, etc are perfect... still have the same problem of getting it started at elevation.

Heatso has been sorta OK to work with, but I feel like they dont really know either. They will be sending me a new ECU (when they get them in a couple weeks).

Has anyone had this problem, is there a trick to getting it started I could use until i get the root cause sorted?

Appreciate any pointers!
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Mines working great at 8200 feet, haven't tried any higher. My wife has the van at 65!
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True, last year I used my heater at least 100 times and I only had to start it more than once a few times.
The only other thing I did different than most installs is I didn't use the small hose that comes in the kit. It didn't make since to me too go from big hose to a small hose back to a big hose? I'm not sure of it mades a difference but I'd guess the more clamps you use the more opportunity for issues?
Here's the video I followed to a T on my install.
Like I said, I did it exactly the way the guy did it in the video and it works great, no issues at all at high elevation, good luck on your install!!
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FYI...... there are numerous successful installations in this forum using the Ford Adaptor part instead of the standpipe!!
It's all good, my goal this winter is to ski 150 days! So if it works every time I turn it on this winter I'll be a happy camper!
Good luck no matter what way you install your heater! We're all learning here so any input I consider helpful!
You guys are killing me! I had less than a ¼ tank of gas, so I went to Costco and put in $50 bucks. Got home and started the heater, it definitely took a few minutes but it was pumping out heat like a champ once again! I live at 5K feet.
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UPDATE: After a full year of use I guess I'll chime in again since Mt Rose had chairlifts on wind hold today and the resort is a sh!t show with all the Christmas crowds!! This winter I've used my B4L M2 (petrol) 12V Heater about 25 times already and the good news it's working better than last year. Every time I've turned it on this winter it's always started on the first try!! About 10 times at Mammoth and I think the elevation is close 9000 ft and the rest at Mt Rose which is at 8200 ft. I haven't done anything to the unit over the summer except add a new ducting hose that goes into the water tank area.
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If I could do my install over again I'd have the Easy Start Pro mounted right next to my sleeping area.
Unfortunately, I ran it with all my other wires to the opposite side of the van where all my other switches are.
I was reading the above post from the Espar Rep and I did zip tie my harness to all my other wires?

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Good luck on your troubleshooting and I hope you get it working!!
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If it was me at this point I think I might buy the $150 knock off unit and install it and see if that works? If it does, I would request a new unit immediately!! Just a thought but good luck, I'd be going nuts on them by now!!
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I'm going to Tahoe tonight and might need to use the Espar heater for the first time in about 6 months, it'll be interesting to see if it works? I'll be at about 6,000 feet.
It wasn't too cold in Tahoe this morning but I decided to see if my Espar would work after six month of not using it. It took 2 tries but it was pumping out the heat at 6500 ft. Hopefully it works all winter!!
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