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ECU Connector Plug Glitches

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A few times over the course of the past 2 years I have had the speedometer and trip data go out with all of the warning indicators going on. Disconnecting the big ECU connector (that's directly under the driver's side cowl drain:rolleyes:) and then cleaning and reconnecting it has corrected the problem.

Couple questions: 1) How does one remove the female side of the plug from the rubber cushioned bracket it is secured to? 2) Has anyone (Ford included) figured out a way to protect it better than the Arizona tea jug (or the plastic Smartwater bottle I used)?

I've used contact cleaner and dielectric grease as well as I could. Hard to reach the female while its secured to the bracket. ( I really didn't want to just pull till the rubber grommet thingee broke loose.)

Must be a way to get that connector to be reliable.

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Judging by the complaints it is still a problem for the newer model transit's.
Mine would not start because it said it was still in gear, I cleaned the plugs with a toothbrush and contact cleaner and the then wrapped it with heavy gauge tinfoil. It has not been a problem since.
Water in that plug causes many different problems.
I did not remove the second plug but I did clean it with the brush.
Fluid Film would seem to be a good additional protection. A favorite of rust belt mechanics.
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