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E15/B20 the New American Standard

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E15/B20 the New American Standard, coming November 2015 (via the EPA)

The politics of the fuels we use appear set,...15% Ethanol in gas, and 20% Bio in diesel.

The current Ford Transit should be fine for many years to come,...although the E15 may translate to 3/4 - 1.5 mpg less fuel economy for the eco-boost.

Sure glad I switched from the (B5) Sprinter van when I did,...those MB engines will be close to obsolete in 2 years,...but expect the new Sprinters coming in 2017, out of the new Charleston, South Carolina plant will be B20 engines. I do wonder if the coming substantial drop in pre-2016 Sprinter resale (due to growing unavailability of B5) will affect the Transit.

Corporate fleets change over every few years, but the individual Sprinter van owner will surely feel the pinch.
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Not sure who else saw orton's comment as "smart ass" other than you, but I certainly did not. As he just said +/-, it seemed to deal with the issue in a short and sweet manner.

I'm with PeterR.....

To the OP, Mercedes has backed down from their absolutely nothing more than B5 lately. They are slowly allowing wording into their no-no's that allow the higher rates with more frequent oil level checks and changes.
Obviously they've had to do this to be able to keep selling their diesels in the USA, which is now their largest single market
Not much diesel talk on here because not that many have been sold yet, and the ones that have been sold aren't having the issues in any numbers that the PM and Sprinter diesels have had.

Or at least we are not hearing about them.

Had a short talk with the service manager at the biggest fleet Ford dealer here last Thursday. He said they aren't seeing them, (diesel CEL's), either. The only issue they are seeing on their new Transits with any frequency is the water in air filter deal. He said the ones they get in now have that issue fixed.
To throw a wrench literally into this discussion, I'm off to do my 30k $130.00 oil change in my Sprinter. (this is me doing it in the driveway)

Ah the joys of owning a Sprinter diesel......continue onward folks.. :)
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