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Posting some pictures of what I did with the e-brake shroud. It was hard to find info on any solution that made it retain it's stock appearance (and pardon the messy van, I've been fishing a lot and it was either clean the van or install swivels, so I installed swivels). So I figured I'd make a thread just for shrouds so you don't have to sift through any other info since most seat swivels are a super simple install.

So that was the finished shroud up above. I cut my shroud from the bottom. It took some fine tuning still to match the height up correctly but I think I ultimately ended up with about a 1-1/2 to 2" trim from the bottom. This is how I started the trim:

1" at first, all around, the slanted angles need more or less trimming depending which way (forward or rearward) they are going so trim those last after you figure out your height

I trimmed these tabs off with an inch of extra plastic to be riveted back to the inside so I could reattach the shroud and not have it rattle around. Someone said they didn't do this and the shroud sat well, but I didn't want it to bounce off with the trails I drive.

Clean them up like this (above) after cutting them off then attach them like this (below)

In the photo above, you can see that offset after getting riveted, the bracket I used is 1/4" thick and this helped stop the shroud from rubbing after that bracket by adding about 1/8" of offset to compensate for that thick relocation bracket.
The lower shroud also needs to get trimmed on the inside too to lower the e brake. You can sort of see it here (below)

So that's what I did with the e-brake shroud. I think it came out pretty good. It took time but there was constant adjusting and trimming to dial it in better. Go slow, and it can be done though.


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