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DIY 4x4 kits or guides?

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So I am looking into purchasing a van and converted into a camper, then become a total hippie and travel the world making youtube videos and short films to finance my adventures. pretty solid plan right. All I need to do is pick the van. Im between a promaster and the transit. The promaster has a longer extended version (160.2") which gives more room in the cargo versus the transit extended. interior space is extremely important and so even a small amount of room can be critical. This makes me want to go for the promaster. However, since I want to bum around the world, that will probably take me to some pretty inaccessible places, which makes me want to prepare and have a 4x4 van.

The real issue is that I dont have the money to get a 4x4 transit/promaster. but since I plan to roam around the US for the first year or so, and I expect to be able to drive to many interesting places without the need of 4x4, it upgrade can wait. once I leave the US though, I expect to need the 4x4. So I am just wondering which one in your opinion is better for converion.

Also if the transit is better for this, is there any DIY guides out there, kits etc. There is a mechanic that I know of who works for very reasonable pay, great guy. I myself are not afraid to work and use tools, I have experience in the aero industy (but I lack experience in the auto industry). I read that quigley uses mostly standard ford parts so only some require special modification. Basically I want to know if its reasonable to want to upgrade and do it myself as I dont see me paying 12k+ for it.
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Speaking of your Plan to travel the world, how hard is it going to be to freight your vehicle between continents (or even to S. America). Most people who successfully do that use smaller vehicles which can be squeezed into a shipping container. Not related to your question, I know.
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