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Dimming the audio display

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Does anyone know how to dim the audio display (the 4" display for the Sync radio/back up camera). It doesn't seem to respond to the instrument dimmer (though it does dim a little when the headlights are turned on) and I can't find a setting in any of the menus or owners manual. It's kinda bright!
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No !
I have that complaint also, bright and shining, up there on a long drive at night, and no dimmer found !

Most displays can be shut off in some menu, but not this one. Keep the owners manual handy, you can shove it directly in front of the display, it jams in there nicely, that or a hat or wallet.

My solution tonight was to put my Samsung G4 in it's soft rubber case on edge in front of the display. That works pretty good as I usually have Google Maps up and running. No need for a phone holder. Pretty lame there's no dimmer for it though.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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