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Diesel I-5 for mountain driving?

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This is an opinion question, since one of the motorhomes I'm looking at uses the I-5, but for people that have the diesel Transit, how well does it do up and down mountain highways and roads?

I'm guessing the fact that it has two turbos minimizes power loss due to elevation, but I've not driven one yet, so don't know.
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So far I'm quite happy with my 3.2L diesel for driving in mountain conditions.

It will surprise you with what it can do. Sometimes I do wish for "just a bit more" but other times it surprises me with giving me more than I thought it could.

I agree the fuel economy under load will be better than a gas engine. I also believe it's more durable under load than the gas engine, which is why Ford rates the max towing load with the diesel engine.
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