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Hello to all
First, I'm a brand new member and any advice is completely welcome

Here we go. I have been researching Class C & B RVs for some time
There are plenty of choice to go around new & used but I get completely
scared off when I read general feedback about after the sale treatment
that many have received by the dealers & even the manufactures

Since my middle name should be Murphy's Law I want to be very careful
with my decisions. Our goal is to go back to pre-parenting when we use to
crisscross the Country in a Ford Courier & Pup tent. This time instead of 10
day mad vacation dashes we will now spend more (quality) time at our many
destinations. Since everything in life requires a compromise I have promised
the wife that we would spend 3-4-5 days RVing a destination and then check into
a hotel for a night or 2 to regroup. So, a vehicle Small B or C could work but
so could a van we could purchase and outfit ourselves.

I have researched the Mercedes Sprinter. I like the 4WD option, the extra space,
higher ride, but have big concerns about the BlueTec which seems to be problematic
and an ongoing expensive issue

So, I have comeback to research the Transit. I swore I would never have another
Ford after such a horrible experience with a 2012 Ecoboost F150 that saw me opt out
for a Toyota Tundra.

So, now my question(s) If I were to go with a Transit 2016-17 what are your recommendations
Given my history with Ecoboost I would be hesitant to go there but what about the other 3.7 V6 option
or the 3.2L diesel I5? What would you match it up with 3.73 or 4.10. I would probably go with
the medium or high roof, Long wheel base (144" I think), Max Tow with controller, Windows all the way
with privacy glass. You can't get just rear and and driver / passenger windows??? I would also consider
to bump up the GVRW too for more payload. We would probably tow a small box trailer but would keep
that well within the spec limits

I have hear many issues about the sliding door problems EGR Valves which bring on the same issues I had
with the ecoboost. Otherwise the complaints have been minimal and more personal like grab bars for the driver

Once again any advice or personal Transit experiences for Murphy would be really appreciated


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Well this is a forum, so all problems come here. Not the other 100,000 working vans that don't cause issues.

I have 6K miles on my 16 T250 with Ecoboost. I heard a lot of issues around the 2012 Eco's. But 4 years later this is a main engine in the ford fleet. The van is a de-tuned version.

Since I only have 6K miles it's hard to say how my eco will be. But I think Ford is learning a lot with their engines. And transmissions. This 6 speed is a whole world better than the 6 speed I had in my 2012 F150 (5.0). I really did not like the mushy feel my F150 trans had. Always a gear to high. Now this one seems pretty nice.

I'd really wish Ford would make a factory 4x4 van. The Mercedes one is pretty darn popular. I also fear the cost of ownership on the Mercedes.

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I came really close to buying another Sprinter last year, but it pretty much killed it when they told me I had to keep the highway gearing if I wanted 4x4. Since my existing Sprinter was having problems pulling our travel trailer (4k lbs loaded), getting a new one with 30 more horsepower but adding the required 4" lift, weight and power losses of the 4x4 probably meant I'd end up about even, which wasn't acceptable. I really liked my diesel, so I got a Transit diesel - see the specs in my signature line, as it's pretty comparable to what you're looking for. So far, I mostly love it. It handles significantly better and also has noticeably more power than my Sprinter. However, it would be nice to have more:). I'm on a trip right now from Oregon to Glacier with the 4K trailer and 1k in the van, which puts it at max GCWR. I am caravaning with my Father-in-law, who has 700lbs more load, and is pulling it with his '15 F-150 Ecoboost. There have been a few grades where I have been maxed out at 55mph and only good taste has kept him from passing me. Our last gas tank, for the identical distance and speeds has him at 10.2mpg and me at 11.8 - not a huge difference considering the $2500 premium I paid for the diesel over an Eco-boost. I get a little frustrated with the shifting and power curve of the diesel, but only when at full throttle up a grade (57mph puts the engine past its torque in 4th gear, and a little shy of it in 5th, so accelerating up a grade faster than 57 is tough unless you get a run ahead of time and can get 5th in the power band. I suspect the Ecoboost doesn't have this problem, but I haven't driven one with a trailer, so I can't say.). More gears would be nice.

I don't know how you plan to use the van, but I just don't think any of these big vans are useful as true off-readers. However, if you're a gravel road driver or something a little rockier than that, be careful - there's a lot more under the Transit than the Sprinter - a huge sub frame kills your ground clearance. I don't take mine on anything rougher than gravel roads, and also don't use it in the winter snow except for traveling to California, so I can't say what winter driving would be like, though the freezing rain and road ice around here did leave my open-diff Sprinter near worthless on several occasions last winter - I am hopeful the limited slip in the Transit will be better, but I now use a Tundra for most of the winter stuff.

Don't know if this helps or not, but let me know if I can give any more info.

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Thanks guys, Test drove a Transit today. It was a medium roof 148" wheel base
Handle well and could work. I'm going to look into having it outfitted then decide.
Still like the idea of the Mercedes but it's going to be difficult to pass up Ford's
multiple options, many ways to spec it out, and the fact that Ford has more garages
across the Country especially in places we would most likely be traveling through
or visting

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I got a rather old Sprinter (05) and built it out. Over 70 and it became a white knuckle ride. Why? The tire profile and their funky front spring. I love the stability on my 2016 Hitop 350 xlt and it was about 10 grand cheaper. I read a thread with people opting to go from a 65 series to a 75 series and I wanted to shout "ARE YOU NUTS???"I also tried the Dodge and the newest Sprinter and the Ford won hands down. I've finished the insulation of the van, and am putting in plywood sheathing on the inside and will start on the tank rack tomorrow. I scuba dive for a living.

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NetGuy, What are you using for insulation? Any concerns about a moisture issue between the insulation and the
interior skin of the van? Are you using the same insulation on the roof as the sides?
I sued 3/4 foam against any flat panel with an R5. I added R11 batting over that on the sides. The difference is huge. A lot of people said I should just have had it foamed in, and they are probably right. This was cheap, effective and not that hard to do. I am not sure how much R value the plywood will bring.
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