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Went to 3 Ford dealerships to try and get the current Transit literature available to the customer. The first 2 dealers said they did not have any handout literature and that they just use the Internet and their computer screen to look up information if they need it.

Finally got to the third dealer and they had Transit literature in their showroom entrance. It shows the full dash pictures of the MFT with NO CD in view. But in the back pages that shows the available options, it still shows single-CD player with MyFord Touch. Back Cover has the local dealer information including map and hours of sales and service offered by the dealer.

NOW....hearing that FORD and the dealers will be pulling ALL the literature on the TRANSIT. May not see any NEW LITERATURE until the 2016 Transit comes out.

Keep watching the online brochure to see when they change the wording for the MFT radio...........Right NOW it is the same as the literature I picked up at the dealership. View the online brochure at
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