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Dealers in Western USA?

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I've been searching for a used transit wagon, HR, extended on and autotrader. It's pretty frustrating. The majority seem to be on the east coast, especially in New Jersey; it's just too far to drive and it's not cheap to ship such a large vehicle either. It seems like a few dealerships have most of the transits but I can't figure out which dealers have the most in the western USA.

I've been poking around dealer websites but there are a lot of Ford dealers to check.

Any pointers?

I noticed a dealer in Sacramento, CA has quite a few per but they're not listed on their own website. Towne Ford in RWC also has lots of new ones, but they're not listed on their website either.

Most dealers have either none or only one or two....
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I bought a White /Pewter cloth 2015 High Roof EL with 3.5 L Eco Boost engine. I bought it on 12/31/2015. Needed to buy a truck for tax purposes. I could not find exactly what I wanted at the end of the year. I love the truck, but wanted a cab/chassis with an enclosed service body on it. I have been too busy to even start installing shelving and so on so I can start working out of it. It was amazing to get over 16 mpg while loaded with 6 prefab granite countertops, driving to San Diego from Los Angeles. That Eco Boost engine had more power than my 6.0 V8 in my GMC box truck. The brakes did great too, even in the typical stop and go Los Angeles traffic for 15 miles. I would consider selling it. It has Under 800 miles on it. I have found several cab/chassis service bodies at a local dealership now that March has arrived. Let me know if you are interested? Maybe we can work something out. The truck is like brand new. I live in the San Diego Area. I can send pictures, copy of sticker, etc. I also have a 96 month/100,000 mile / $100 deductible extended Ford Warranty on it that is transferable.

Here is my email: [email protected].
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