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Dealer Confusion

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I had an epiphany about how I need to speak to the dealer when talking about the FULL SIZE Transit.
Ford has added the 150, 250, & 350 to the full sized Transit badging in the past few months for us Americans.
When I talk to the sales guy I now say. I need to see the Transit 250 you have in stock, they don't confuse it with wanting a Connect.
Will we call the full sized Transits.... T150, T250 and T350 like the Econolines? I think so. Todd
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Back in March I called several Ford dealers about the Transit, Every single one (Even big city dealers) said they had them on the lot, I decided to give up on the Transit... Finally (after The American Pickers) episode, I called them all again, Still every single dealer had no idea what I was talking about, Every one thought I was talking about the Connect. After building my own on Fords website, The local dealer called and said, They had a few on the lot.... Hmmmm Really, Yea I got a little short with her and told her you would think Fords sales people would be schooled on the new vehicles Ford had in the works... Ford dropped the Ball on this one, They should of called it something else, Imaging all the future problems like a body shop ordering a new hood etc and getting a Transit connect hood etc... This WILL happen!!!!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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