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Dealer Confusion

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I had an epiphany about how I need to speak to the dealer when talking about the FULL SIZE Transit.
Ford has added the 150, 250, & 350 to the full sized Transit badging in the past few months for us Americans.
When I talk to the sales guy I now say. I need to see the Transit 250 you have in stock, they don't confuse it with wanting a Connect.
Will we call the full sized Transits.... T150, T250 and T350 like the Econolines? I think so. Todd
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The local sales monkey had no idea what I was talkingabout.

Me: Do you have a full size Transit on the lot?
Him: Sure. We havetons of them.
Me: Not a Transit Connect.
Him:*walks me to where all the Connects are*

Me: No, these are Connects. It’s a large van. Bigger than an Econoline. Something this Connect would fit in.
Him: *confused look*
Me: *Sees large box in the back of the lot*, *points*,That giant thing back there.
Me: *walks to van*
Him: *confused look*, I didn’t know we made these.
Me: I got that.
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I try to avoid dealer salespeople as much as possible, most don't know their backside from a hole in the ground. 1 hour on the internet researching any vehicle will give you more information & knowledge than almost any salesperson. To be fair they typically have several vehicles they are selling so their knowledge about a specific model, particularly a new to the market one, will be superficial. The commercial vehicle sales people are much better, but 2-3 hours on the internet will equip you with most of their knowledge.
When buying new vehicles I have found purchasing from dealer stock has netted me the best price, also waiting for about 1 year after a new model is released helps. I also look at dealers far & wide for the vehicle equipped the way I want. I know this strategy doesn't work for everyone, but you can save thousands.
It was the unavoidable act of the test drive. It would have been better if the fleet guy was there but I can't get to a dealership during the week.
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