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Dealer Confusion

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I had an epiphany about how I need to speak to the dealer when talking about the FULL SIZE Transit.
Ford has added the 150, 250, & 350 to the full sized Transit badging in the past few months for us Americans.
When I talk to the sales guy I now say. I need to see the Transit 250 you have in stock, they don't confuse it with wanting a Connect.
Will we call the full sized Transits.... T150, T250 and T350 like the Econolines? I think so. Todd
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There's nothing but hot air in a ballon at the fair when it pops, what makes you think the salesman pop would be any different. Todd
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I've had lots of wasted time reading emails from my closest Ford Store. My last email to the sales guy I asked if he even read my emails.
I never give the sales my real cell number only my email. The number I give them is to the ticket office at the local stadium. I remember watching the first Blues Brother movie and Elwood gave Wrigley Field as his number. I've been doing the same since the last millenium.
Cuts down on those guys wasting my time. Todd
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