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Dead battery? Help.

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I have tried to do a search. Surely someone before me has done this? Our van has been sitting for a couple weeks and it seems my battery is dead. I opened the hood, connected a volt meter to the jumper point and get 5 volts. Got out my trusty battery charger and, it's weird, the voltage is switching or something. I'm trying about a half amp charge. Don't want to try to jump it, in case something else is going on. Any pointers? I went up to the van and opened the doors via the key buttons. It wouldn't re lock. Also, no cargo light. I am not totally sure what's going on. Input appreciated. Thanks in advance, Rick
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Glad to hear you got it running!

But Eddie's right, we gotta know! Think about it...if it happened to you it could happen to someone else. Your embarrassing story may help someone else. ;)
Very interesting, I don't understand how you would only get 5 volts with reversed polarity. Shouldn't it show -12 volts?

Sounds like you had a rough day, hope stuff stops breaking on you. I'd get that battery load tested to be sure it survived okay. Most auto parts stores will do that without charge.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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