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Data Loggers!

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Recently I added a webasto gasoline heater to my 250 medium roof cargo. Upon doing so I decided it would be q good time to get some hard data on my house power system and how well it was working, how it coped under load with the heater in cold weather and no insulation, and also how the temperature and humidity fluctuated in the van.

I found two fantastic data loggers:

The first is a HOBO temperature and humidity data loggers. It's small, precise, and is able to log continuously at many different intervals. It also has a great iOS application and can be interfaces to via Bluetooth. It's expensive for a thermometer, but not bad considering what it can do and how it will inform my insulating and venting decisions with the van.

The other is a voltage data logger from Lascar. It unfortunately requires plugging into a Windows machine to get the data log, but it works really well and has already shown me that 13+ hours of heat in cold weather still leaves me with a solid 40% battery capacity. It's interesting seeing the voltage dips whenever the doors are opened and the heater kicks on again.

They're fantastic tools for those that want details.


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Note that the non Bluetooth version of the thermometer is significantly cheaper. Compact and precise. Highly recommended.
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