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Custom Ford Transit Heading to 2014 SEMA Show

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Ford is planning to bring 5 custom Ford Transits to the 2014 SEMA Show. Ford is aiming to show off the versatility of the platform.

The first is the Formula DRIFT Transit which will be used at the series' events next year as a track safety and support vehicle.

Second is the Vegas Off-Road Experience Transit that will be involved in the Vegas Off-Road Experience in South Boulder City, Nevada. This model is customized by the VORE group, which gave the Transit an off-road theme that will take guests around the facility in luxury.

3dCarbon has made a luxury Ford Transit with a long-wheelbase, medium-roof model featuring a solid hickory wood floor and four reclining captain's chairs with heating, cooling and massage function; they also have power headrests. There is also a Business Class Transit created by Detroit Custom Coach of Oak Park, Michigan. That one even includes a cocktail station!

Finally there is a Galpin Auto SPorts Transit Skyliner. This one is customized to be a limousine or high-end transportation services in addition to commercial fleets, shuttle providers and small-business owners.

“Ford Transit vans and passenger wagons are designed to be upfit-ready so customers have an easier time customizing the vehicle to work best for them,” said Yaroslav Hetman, brand manager for Ford Transit, Transit Connect and E-Series. “We are very excited about what our SEMA customizers have done with these vans. They preview the first of what is expected to be a renaissance in custom vans, led by the all-new Ford Transit.”
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"renaissance in custom vans"

Yep, the 70s van craze is back
Don't hold your breath Van Man,
I remember at the Detroit Auto Show (now the North American International Auto Show) the winter before the launch of the original Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth mini vans there were concepts of them including a surfermobile w/ portholes.
I was STOKED, but apparently nobody else was. Soccer mom mobile is all it ever became.
On a sadder note now that I have VanMan's attention,
Space Ship Two's demise will be devastating to the Space Tourism program.
We both saw Burt and Space Ship One back in the day at Oshkosh while camping in our vans.
Its got to start somewhere, The pic's you just posted of your Sprinter was not stock, what did you call it "cool surf bus" or something?
Other surfers at the Easter Surf Fest in Cocoa Beach said that to me.
Just "Cool bus!"
On the sadder note: yes I know, met Burt 4-5 times, met Mike Melvill and his wife, both signed my space ship one lanch T-shirt when they won the prize
Longboard & Burt


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Cool! I got the windows including two rows of flip-outs, and the alloy wheels.
My Silver long extended tall will never look as cool as that one though.
Just have to decide how I'm going to blacken the forward roof.
NOT rustoleum!
Never say never, it can if you want the attention
I have to remind myself that stealth is first and foremost.
Still fun to drool though!
I went with the factory alloy wheels just because they are such a bargain, but they'll still look pretty lame being so tiny on such a huge 'bus".
Those workers you saw probably didn't even think twice about what their boss stuck them in, just a tool to get the job done.
Get that vinyl wrap they put on vans, you can just pull it off with a heat gun and the paint is perfect under
Yes, if I were interested the wrap would be the way to go. My Sprinter had deep tint, and I had the front sides tinted w/ film, but the very rear sides were sheet metal. I always wanted to make that position LOOK like a deep tint window, and I explored several methods.
Eventually I learned to love the blank spot, using it for my magnetic signs.
Now I'm going to miss that on the Transit, there is nowhere to put them.
Looking at the pics you posted clearly there is no flat area for the magnetic signs.


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