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Correct. That would work. I do not own an impact wrench. When using the $30 tool and two box wrenches nothing holds the Rivnut and tool in the hole before it is expanded. A pre-bulbed Plusnut does not fall out of the overhead hole like a Rivnut. I guess you could determine the correct torque setting on the impact wrench instead of relying on "feel" for the two box wrench method.

The Plusnut was a better choice for me because I have a low skill level.
Excuse to buy an impact tool. Cordless.
Many of them refuse to spend money on any tool and use a combination of nuts and bolts to install them, I think they might be the ones who have the most spin problems.

Yeah the mcmaster tool comes without any instructions, I think I figured out how the tool works pretty quickly because the impact wrench has no speed control and the nut on the tool unscrews quickly. I figured out how the tool works by accident.
Your Man Card should be revoked.
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