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"Crew Van"? -- Test Drive

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Has anyone heard whether Ford is offering a "Crew Van" configuration with a bench seat in the second row, right and left side glass for this row, and no side glass behind? Sprinters have this option, but the local Ford salesman could not find it. [BTW it seems like Ford is not exactly making life any easier for the local dealer.]

The available dealer's brochure refers to different Packages without going into much detail. Ditto on p. 27 here:

I drove a 3.5 Ecoboost and the 3.7 gas models in a medium roof long wheelbase, and found the handling and visibility very good. Having owned three Econolines over the years, I am ready to purchase probably a Wagon with windows if there is no Crew Van.

Have a good weekend.
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Welcome! To the forum.
No crew option, yet. I'm sure there will be but Ford has to get the basics first.
I'm mostly likely getting an all window cargo van and putting in a row of after market seats. Todd

Might take your question over to "From an up and Coming Michigan Commercial..." or "Invoice pricing for all"

He has answered questions for some of the forum members.

Semper Fi
Thanks Todd and USMC Vet -- hopefully the replies to this Crew Van topic will keep the subject matter simple, without muddying up other threads. Have a good weekend.
At the Transit event I attended in Dearborn the guy I asked said no plans for mid roof extended length, no real comment on "Crew" van. So Crew van (which is what I also wanted) sounded like a future possibility when contrasted to the mid-roof extended which didn't. Don't know how long you'd have to hold your breath though, the current configurations are still way behind schedule.
Thanks Longboard, "way behind schedule" would seem to fit, and my guess is that the new Transit is selling like hotcakes even in the simplest tradesman's van configurations. The two dealers closest to me (Long Island NY) started getting basic white units in a few weeks ago, and most of them sold in a day or two to local contractors who were waiting for them to hit the dealers' lots.

The roll-out of the smaller Transit Connect a few months ago was similar, but I have noticed that the passenger wagons seem to be filling in the lots quite well. Hopefully this will be true for the full-sized Transits over the next month or two. The day I went to test drive the two Transits, there was a young couple getting the keys to a Transit Connect family wagon. They were stoked!

The Ford website for the Transit has improved a lot compared to 2-3 months ago, but the absence of a Crew Van option does indeed suggest that it is a ways away, as you also suggest. Even certain other configurations not yet available are labeled "Later" or "Job B" (I think they say).
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Yeah, job 2. Interestingly, the fleet sales manager that took my order said that I am locked in to the $1500 current rebate that expires September 3rd, but that if a bigger incentive comes along I am entitled to it. I said I doubted that it would increase, but his guess was that at least for Transit it would because they are starting to "pile up". Could have fooled me, but if so my guess is that dealers ordered a few based on what they thought contractors wanted, and a few of them were waiting for them, but maybe after that initial handful of buyers people that can wait are still waiting. He may have just wanted to make the deal sound even more irresistable to me, but maybe he really had some knowledge of this.
My local dealer has only received one van, but has over 150 vans and a few wagons on order.
Thanks Dale_R and Longboard.

If the Crew Van is not announced soon, I may want to get a short Wagon medium roof, with two bench seats behind the driver (the second of which could be removed). Does anyone have any ballpark guess-timates on the price up-charge for going this route, over a future Crew Van which would be basically empty behind the Crew bench seat?

I am guessing the price differential could be $3,000 to $5,000 +/-, given the added interior headliner, trim, windows, seats, seat belts, etc. in the Wagon model.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
PeterR, go to the Ford Truck web site and do a build and price for yourself. They can go to nearly $50,000 i you select a lot of options.
The Wagon also includes the largest airbag ever built, the entire left side wall. I assume that adds a bit to the price as well.
Thanks Dale, but since the Transit 2015 Crew Van is not available yet, an exact price comparison would not be possible. I was hoping for a seat-of-the pants informed guess-timate based on others' previous experiences, perhaps with Sprinters and earlier Ford, Dodge, etc. Crew Vans.
Thanks Longboard, good point. The deployment of that long air bag would certainly wreak havoc with any new owner-built cabinets etc. on the left side . . .
Dale_R, per your post in the other thread about not getting a VIN yet for your order, in researching the 130" WB 150, did you find out the cargo distance behind the first bench seat to the back of the van? I don't see this dimension in the literature. [assuming the second bench seat in the 8-passenger layout can be removed, to mimic a Crew Van] Thanks.
I'm reminded that Dodge had to revise it's volume claims for the Promaster shortly following it's launch.Seems like they exaggerated a bit. Last week I measured the cargo length a few inches above the floor in a long wheelbase regular body Transit, and it came up eight inches shorter than published . Ford apparently ignores the driver's seat pedestal in their measurements, but unless you're only hauling a few thin sheets around their dimension is a joke.
Also remember that trying to compare Crew prices to cargo and passenger in Sprinters is meaningless, the cargo is broken down, kitted, and reassembled after shipping while the passenger and Crew are not.
The 130"WB Wagon has 124.0" cargo length behind the front seat and 115.1" cargo length up at seat belt height. Seat rows 2, 3 and 4 legroom is 33.7", 35.6" and 35.6", respectively. Total legroom - 105". So, removing the fourth row should open up 35-45" of space and removing the third row should open up another 36" or so. Ford does not give us better numbers to use for calculation.

And, the rear seats recline, which may take up some leg room space.

Accurate? Who knows?
Thanks, your figures make sense. So, a ballpark guess would be that there could be room for a 6' bed from the back of the bench seat to the doors. Works for me for now. Eventually Ford should release some interior diagrams with better measurements. Thanks again.
Has anyone tried to make a basic Crew Van by ordering the cargo Transit, then adding one bench seat with side glass? Or are these options not available yet?

Be careful

I wanted a rear seat in my cargo van for my dogs seats. WE travel with our 2 Long Haired Chihuahuas and they have two very nice dog seat couches that sit on the rear and are secured by the seat belts.

I found brand new seats on Ebay for $150.00 with brackets. The man who was selling this was nice enough to cancel my order because there is a no drill zone behind the front seats.

So I don't know what to do now. Any suggestions, I need room behind the front seats for the puppies and then I need to close off the back---any ideas.

I am waiting for Ford to offer options for an added bench seat and side glass. Maybe in "Job 2," which already has dual sliding doors and various flip-open glass options in it, per the 8/1/14 Order Guide. [hard copy from dealer -- no link available]
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