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Cooper Discoverer HT3 235/65/16C 121/119R

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Well, winter is approaching slowly but surely here in New England. After giving it a thought I've decided to stick with OEM size for tires. So my options currently are: Conti VancoFourSeasons (out of the question, if I were in Miami then yes), snow/ice suicidal Hankook - out of the window, Firestone Transforce HT or A/T in our size are available but no warranty for commercial tires, so I read. Nokian WR C3 All-Weather - interesting proposition. They should be great in snow/ice and just good for all other seasons (soft compound that can wear out faster then all-season tire). Last contender on the list is Cooper Discoverer HT3 in OEM size and load range E.
Put them on today on one of our T-350 XLT. Felt immediate difference. 14/32 is the thread depth. They feel quieter then stock on highway, they steer very precisely (sometimes too much for my taste), very easy to "over steer" the vehicle, no noticeable vibration, very "confident" driving, very good in exits and turns, vehicle gained "roll stability". I think the attribute of "rib" shoulder on the tire. So far so good! Will see how they perform in snow as it is very important to me. The center thread reminds me of Michelin M/S2 that I run on all E-250 and E-350. The second van is getting Nokian WR C3 next week. The price out of the door for Coopers was $168.07 per tire. Nokians were $157.00 per tire. I got both sets in Vianor Concord, NH as they had a Fall sale with mount and balance included.


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How much of a hit in MPG are people taking with the Nokian WR C3?

Can anyone give a mpg. update on their winter tire selection?

I have Cooper AT3 on my Tacoma and like them, but I think I have lost a bit of fuel economy.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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