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Converting 2015 Ford Transit 150 to seat 11?

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My husband and I own a Ford transit 150 and love it. I love how it drives and it fits in our garage…no other transit will. We wanted to know if there is any different bench configuration that would be possible to install that might allow for 11 passengers instead of 10. I imagine that even if there is, it would make for a really tight fit!
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If it is a factory 10 seat configuration, there are options to add more seats. This will require the reconfiguration of the floor brackets, modifications to the floor, and purchase of different seat configuration. If I remember the factory 10 seat is a 2, 3 (2+1), 3 seat setup in the rear. If this is the setup, then you can add either 3 seat bench in the 2nd row or a 4 (2+2) in the 4th row. Either would require an additional bracket to be installed and the floor modified to accommodate. If you add both the 3 and 4 seat configuration then you have the factory 12 seat configuration. I have recently completed this modification to accommodate my additional foster kids.
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