Hello, everyone! These seat brackets are from my 2018 Transit 350 12-seat (including front driver and passengers) van. They were removed at about 80k miles, and although they may be a little dusty they're fully functional and in great shape. All bolts and washers are included.

Free delivery in the following SoCal counties: Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside (the IE), Imperial (Palm Springs area, etc.). I'm willing to consider delivering further depending on the circumstances.

Here's a quick description of the pics:

Pic 1: all nine of the seat brackets, arranged left to right from longest to shortest
Pic 2: stickers on the backs of the first three brackets on the left
Pic 3: stickers on the backs of the middle three brackets
Pic 4: stickers on the backs of the last three brackets on the right
Pic 5: all the bolts and washers
Pic 6: this is not a pic of my personal van, but it's the same model, same year, and shows the same seat arrangement that these seat brackets were used for

Asking $800 OBO for the set. Please feel free to ask any questions.