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circa 2023 solutions for keeping water away from engine air filter?

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Back in 2017 when we bought our Transit, many owners had discovered that the drainage of water off the windshield and upper cowling made its way into the engine air filter. I recall reading about several makeshift DIY redirect solutions, and also about a "fix" introduced a few years later by Ford that was met with skepticism.

We live in the southwestern desert, so I adopted a wait-and-see attitude because it does not rain enough to seem concerned.

Yesterday I replaced the air filter and was surprised to find that the front half of the old filter was moist and moldy.

Now I am afraid to wash the Van because It seems like that is the most likely source of the water. :)

Is there a solution that has proven to be the most effective? Will I have to make a DIY kludge or can I purchase a part that Ford has introduced?

Thank you.
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I found a few threads that discussed a new air filter cover that can be purchased. I went to some Ford parts sites and can't seem to zero in on the part number for the newest design cover that would fit a circa 2017 3.5L Ecoboost Transit.

I am hoping someone can point me to the new part number.

Thank you!
I got a JK4Z-9661-A from

fits my 2018 3.7 NA. I think it’s same as ecoboost.

That cover is the stock cover with the problematic up facing flange. The newer version requires replacing the whole airbox.
The T.U.R.D. option seemed to be cheapest and most effective.
I have had good luck with using Motorcraft filters and being sure everything was clean and cover installed correctly.
I also live in the SW. The van is parked outside and nose down. After last summers active monsoon and this past winters active winter storm season still no sign of leakage at my spring filter change.
I could be wrong, but I believe pbethel is mistaken. Here’s a photo I took of the two of them together. Pretty sure the
New one is at the top of the photo
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Thank you for providing that part number.

It looks like the photos show the improved rear covering design, but I get a note that says the part does not fit my 2017 eco boost, which may just be a case of the 2017 database having the old part numbers.

Can anyone with an Ecoboost help verify that the part may fit?

I think I would like to order it ASAP if it does fit.

Thank you!
Ford designed a new airbox cover for the 2019 models, Your new transit will have the new cover.
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Here is the bulletin for it, Of course you have to be mechanically inclined for it to make any sense.

I have a very late 2017 made in June 2017 after the assembly line shutdown for the guibo. I too live in the southwest and have never had air filter water problems and wash my van regularly. It's possible there was an updated cowl drain part that was added to the late 2017 vans. Mine has a rainwater deflector at the end of the cowl that re-directs the rainwater away from the air filter. I believe the part # is CK4Z-6102409-A, but best to check with the dealer on that part #.
Thank you for posting the part number to the deflector. My van was built just days before the Guibo recall was made public but had been factory refit with universal joint assemblies, so it was an odd fellow.

If the deflector part can be improved with an update on my van, I'd like to do so.

Thank you!
It looks like the air filter housing cover part number listed in the TSB 18-2321 for the 3.5L EcoBoost is Cover - Ford (JK4Z-9661-D).

When looking at the pictures of that cover in the parts catalogs I can recognize that it has the port for a sensor that exists on my current cover.
The new cover will not work on a 2015 because of that sensor.

Filling out your forum Signature with your model year and engine info would be helpful.
I should ignore this new thread on the old worn out problem, but ****, I don’t want to go back and read the original thread again either…nor any part of it.

but someone tell me if I’m wrong: at some point Ford made available a revised upper lid for the airbox. It has the advantage of its flange covering (overlapping) the lower part of the box, instead of fitting “within” the lower box edge (Cupping water until it seeps into filter). Hence, it better repels water coming down from above (such as from the P.O.S windshield wiper trough). It fits all gas motors except the 2015 Ecoboost...or at least all 3.7’s and non-2015 EcoBoosts. sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the diesels, so it may or may not fit some of those. At some point this lid was fitted from the factory, but for earlier units, I think it can be bought and installed…again, except for the 2015 Ecoboost, which had a different sensor for some reason (GRRR). Now, one challenge is knowing which part number is the correct “improved” lid. Again, correct me if I am wrong, but non-2015-EcoBoost gas engines should use the same lid. (???). Regardless, water pours in from the trough, so it’s still a bit janky. Worse, on the drivers side, water pouring in lands on the electrical connectors for the ECM..not good. So some “turd-like” approach is needed there too. Oh, and then there is the intake manifold with its deep wells for its mounting bolts. These also fill up with water, corroding the bolts and their inserts, so a cover is needed over all these parts under the hood. Multiple T.U.R.D’s and/or engine cover. What an engineering fail.
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The 2015 ecoboost has been explained again and again in that Air Filter Nightmare thread.
Also in that air filter nightmare thread, Many of us have never had a wet air filter with the original cover.
I highly recommend you quite trying to purchase ford parts to solve this problem. It's as easy as purchasing a dishpan at Walmart. Never a problem again. I don't remember the dimensions but I found it on this site and it works perfectly.
2015 ecoboost.
I live in SoCal so take it for what its worth, but I've never had a wet air filter again after getting the updated airbox lid. And I think the part numbers listed in the TSB are pretty reliable.

JK4Z-9661-A Engine Air Cleaner Cover (2016-2018 3.7L)
JK4Z-9661-D Engine Air Cleaner Cover (2016-2018 3.5L EcoBoost)
JK4Z-9661-B Engine Air Cleaner Cover (2015-2018 3.2L, 2015 3.7L)

p.s. Now I just wish there was a little more elegant solution than a plastic bottle for the multi-pin connector on the other side.
Hi, I think I might try the new Ford cover first and the Tupperware after that, if it still seems necessary, but I don't think I can read 84 pages of posts. The YouTube video was short and sweet... thanks for that link!

Having said that, has anyone identified a product id or number for the ideal "Tupperware" container? I live in rural Utah where we have some type of poorly stocked dollar store and a well-stocked sundry items drug store. The nearest Walmart is 120 miles away. It would be greatly appreciated if I could learn what plastic box to seek out and order from afar.

Thank you.
You do not have to read 84 pages, All you have to do is read the last 3 or 4 pages. That thread has been kept up to date.
I just read the last 4 pages and I learned two things

1) Rubbermaid 11.4 quart dishpan

2) The number of persons who enjoy writing "T.*.#.d." is disconcerting.

Thank you.
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