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cargo lining insulation ....

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I've read some of the other threads and as one person has said, insulating seems like opening a can of worms with all the different methods. I just bought the 350 high roof. I race dogsleds and xc ski so I plan on using it during the winter to haul the dogs and equipment. I plan to sleep in it too with a cot for now and eventually build a fold down bed of some sort. I plan on building a workbench to do various things and also to wax ski's. I've price the liners and can get the liner for about $800 because I would like it to look nice and not all ghetto. I thought about just buying the material and cutting to fit and use the plastic snaps, but I wouldn't even know where to buy stock plastic lining. I'll be heating it with a propane portable buddy. What would the best insulation be for my cold weather purposes. I will also use to camp out during summer to go to bike races and mt. biking throughout the midwest. I thought about getting the ceiling liner too, but that's an extra $500 and thought that could wait. I appreciate any info, thanks.
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Did apply two coats of insulation paint on inside of van panels. You mix in hollow glass spheres into paint. I did put two coats on one side of the van "forehead" to see if I could feel a difference. Definitely could tell a temperature difference but do not have a way to measure the change.
Did you roll, brush, or spray? If you sprayed what rig and orifice did it take? Thanks for the suggestion of insulated paint


Ordering next week
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