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Great forum we have here. A few thoughts from a Canuck with a tired old 2004 Sprinter. I've read a lot of arguments for gas vs diesel from my American neighbours. Those arguments make good sense with diesel being 20% more expensive down south. But up here diesel is the same price or slightly less than regular gasoline. That makes a huge advantage for diesel in the transit. Not to mention that we all know that EPA ratings for gasoline engines are extremely optimistic and generally pessimistic for diesels. My old 2.7 5 cylinder Sprinter still gets 20-24 mpg with tools and materials in it in mixed driving. I am not shy with the throttle either.

Pricing. The hard numbers don't lie. Go to the websites and build your dream Sprinter. For me it nearly tops 55k. A transit was quoted by my local dealer for less than 53. T-250 Diesel, 3.73 LSD diff, long tall body, tuxedo black, leather premium package, tow package, all the cool stuff. Stuff Sprinter doesn't even offer. Transit wins hands down.

This is big for me. Limited slip differential with different ratios available. Ever drive a sprinter in the snow? It's terrible. Unless you have great tires, and a bunch of weight in it, the truck is not good in the snow. I have a Pontiac G8 GT with a 6.0 ls motor and an LSD diff and that car with snow tires is unstoppable. So an LSD diff is a big deal for me. IMO there is no need for 4wd in a work van.

Service. My 2004 would have cost me the original price of the vehicle in repairs had I let Mercedes bend me over every time the old girl conked out. If you've got a Sprinter out of warranty, you know what I mean. The service advisors are arrogant and only have there commission in mind. My local MB dealership looks like a Bond villains evil lair. There's a driving range, movie theatre, spa, and cafe in it. And 6 fembots at the reception desk to ease the pain of the bill. Who's paying for all that stuff? Sucker customers, that's who.

Finally, some redemption for the Sprinter. Mine has been a great van. Nimble, capable, and surprisingly fun to drive. But, it's time to go. It's rusty as heck and nickel and diming me to death. So it's transit for me.

Thanks for getting this far.
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