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can you hook up a solar panel and mppt to stock dual agm batterys?

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I ordered my dual slider Hr extended 3.7 on 3/9/2016.....I went with the dual battery/ho alternator for one reason....I plan to use a whynter 12v frig full time in van. I Know almost nothing of Solar but if I could hook up a 300watt panel to stock dual agm' life would be much simpler. I was not sure if the alternator and panel would be fighting each other and somehow blow up my new van....any input would be appreciated. FYI: I am very simple by I need to keep the solution very direct.
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not many folks may have direct exerience with this, since usually solar is hooked up to a separate battery bank (the "house" batteries in an RV, for instance).

i _think_ what you want to do will work just fine -- but you should definitely talk to the maker of the solar controller to make sure that's the case. in the case of house batteries, there are often multiple chargers connected to the battery bank at once: for instance a solar controller and a shore power charger. what i don't know is if a solar controller and the van's vehicle charging system can work together.

please post what you find out!
has anyone verified the "deep-cycle" claim for the dual batteries by doing a lookup of the part number to see what the mfgr claims? given the reasons one would order dual batteries, i would hope that the deep-cycle claim isn't just marketing, but i'd love to be sure before continuing with my "keep it simple" design.
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