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can you hook up a solar panel and mppt to stock dual agm batterys?

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I ordered my dual slider Hr extended 3.7 on 3/9/2016.....I went with the dual battery/ho alternator for one reason....I plan to use a whynter 12v frig full time in van. I Know almost nothing of Solar but if I could hook up a 300watt panel to stock dual agm' life would be much simpler. I was not sure if the alternator and panel would be fighting each other and somehow blow up my new van....any input would be appreciated. FYI: I am very simple by I need to keep the solution very direct.
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I would like to do the same thing. I've got a suitcase solar rig I've hooked up directly to my twin batteries.
This is who I copied it from, [ame][/ame], I would like to install a permanent solar panel on the roof to supplement the 100 watt suitcase rig. I also have a 50 quart ARB frig I've been using with great success. I've only parked it for about 3 days with no problems.
I looked it up and I have the; Twin 70AH @ 20 hours, high performance deep cycle AGM batteries. So yeah only 140 AH not a whole lot there.
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